Terms of Participation

Peering Asia 5.0 Terms of Participation

Peering Asia 5.0 is an event designed to encourage discussion of contemporary topics in internet interconnection and meet with other attendees. The success of this event depends on the activities of a variety of parties including hosts, attendees, sponsor representatives, and the Peering Asia Committee.

Peering Asia 5.0 encourages discussion on interconnection topics and issues. Peering Asia 5.0 expects that each person in attendance at the event, or an event hosted by a Peering Asia 5.0 Sponsor in connection with the event, will conduct themselves and act in a thoroughly professional manner with respect for all others in attendance.

Peering Asia 5.0 expects that all attendees, employees, contractors, and sponsors of its activities, physical or digital, shall act in accordance with the following guidelines as established and amended, from time to time, by the Peering Asia Committee.

In general, Peering Asia 5.0 allows 2 participants per Organisation / ASN to attend the event.

The following activities are not permitted at Peering Asia 5.0 activities or events, physical or digital:


The Peering Asia Committee may, at its discretion, issue any of the following sanctions in response to a violation of the Terms of Participation.