Call for Sponsors

Sponsorship Matrix
  Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Lunch Coffee
Number of Sponsors* 1 10 16 10 2 4
Sponsorship Fee (USD) 12,000 7,000 5,000 2,000 5,000 2,000
Total Number of Attendees**
(Sales/Marketing Attendees Allowed***)
Private Meeting Room O O X X X X
Booth (Tables) 2 2 1 - - -
Logo on Signage O O O O O O
Logo on T-shirt O O O - O O
Logo on Eco-Bag O O O - O O
Logo on Pen and Note O O O - O O

* The number of sponsors is subject to change
** This number includes standard 2 attendees per ASN/Organization
*** The number of Sales or Marketing persons are included in the total number of attendees for each sponsorship tier

Peering Asia is an event to invigorate peering among ASNs of APAC region. Therefore, the event only allows 2 personnel from each ASN (“Standard” tickets) to welcome more ASNs and does not allow sales/marketing team to participate. However, sponsors may enroll additional staff and allow designated number of sales/marketing employees to attend the conference.

Sponsors will receive a coupon with code for Peering Asia 5.0, and participation fee will be waived if used during enrollment. Please find the sponsorship matrix and information above for more.

Application for Sponsors

Please contact us at to have an application form for Sponsorship.